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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Southside Social 2017

Southside Social and Barn Dance on July 14th-16th, 2017

We had a really good time last year.  We'd made a few changes which resulted in turning some folks away at the gate and removing those who weren't playing well with others and honestly....the event was much improved.  This year's event looks to be amazing with a terrific lineup and we're excited to see everyone again!

Please remember that this is not a public event. It's a private party on private land.  There is no charge to attend, but it typically costs about $2500 in out of pocket expenses so we rely entirely on donations and t-shirt purchases etc.  Please plan to help us cover costs and keep the Social a yearly event. Performers generously donate their talent and time-supporting them by purchasing band merchandise is also great! 

Gate opens at 3pm Friday with music beginning around 6pm, Saturday music begins at noon and runs until midnight, no live music on Sunday.

2017 List of Performers:
The Lumps, William Oliver, Junkyard Amy Lee, Bitez, TrashPocket, Steel Beans, Anarchists Union, Glitter Lyfe Karaoke, Low Hums, Jesus Chords, Sir Mark, White Trash Compactor, Spider Ferns, PollenNation, Willie Reavis and His Weary Band, Jonny Sonic, more TBA.

  • If you've been a good guest here before, you can bring or invite a new guest but we ask that you act as sponsor and assume responsibility for their behavior. So just invite nice people. 
  • Plan to stay overnight.  You won't want to leave once you get here :-) 
  • Carpool. We have really limited parking.
  • Remember that we like Family Friendly during the day. Adult hi-jinks are better after the kids are in bed.
  • Unusual setup?  Contact us in advance at if you want to bring a schoolbus, RV, or have a special accommodation request.
  • Bring your talent and compete during the TALENT SHOW on Saturday afternoon!
  • Enjoy the live performers. Don't blast  music from your camp or vehicle-you can hear that stuff anytime! 

The rules: 
  • No jerks.  If we think you're a jerk at the front gate,  you can't come in. If you pretend not to be a jerk at the gate and then we later discover your true jerk self, you will be asked to leave the property. 
  • No dogs.  We like dogs and we probably even like your dog but we don't allow them.  We have lots of reasons for this but one of them is that our farm dogs are not friendly to visiting dogs.
  • No underage drinking. We understand that it isn't fair to pay taxes at 18 but be required to wait until 21 to drink a beer, but you can't protest this at the Social because underage drinkers = visit from the cops.  
Please do join the Southside Social group on Facebook for additional details, carpool options, and other info. It's also a great place to view and post photos after the big weekend!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

2016 Southside Social and Barn Dance!

July 15th-17th

We're excited to see ya'll at the Social this year!  

We have made a few changes to address some issues with the event last year.  We have blocked a few people (and contacted them in advance), added a security crew, have an plan to remove folks during the event who become problematic, and will likely exercise our option to turn folks away at the door if we feel they have caused issues in the past or seem likely to in the future.  This should only improve everyone's good time and shouldn't in any way detract from our usual fun.  

That being said, if you know someone who is typically problematic and planning to attend the Social, please feel free to spread the word that we're getting serious about only allowing good people at the event and on our beloved farm.  And as usual, we do not allow underage drinking nor do we allow unaccompanied minors to attend the event. Thanks for understanding.

We are also bringing back workshops!  Schedule to be posted soon--we still have a few spots if you're interested in teaching a free one hour workshop on Saturday. Sign up sheet may be found here.

Please join the Southside Social group on Facebook for updates, rideshares, etc. 

We still do not want dogs at the event.  Please leave them at home.  There are many reasons for this, but one key reason is that our own dogs are not usually keen on visiting dogs.  Spread the word. Please remember that we wish for this to be a family friendly event-reserve adult behavior until after the kids are in bed.  We greatly prefer that folks camp for the weekend, and if you are hoping to bring an RV, schoolbus, or other large vehicle, please contact us in advance so that we might reserve a spot for you.  Any questions or concerns may be addressed by writing to us at

Friday-Gate opens at 3pm, music at 6
The Lumps
Steel Beans
Spider Ferns
Glitter Lyfe Karaoke

Talent Show (please join us!)
Miss Daisy Drives Herself
Finney Circus
Mean Street Meanie
Savio Farrel
W Lovers
Jesus Chords
Anarchists Union
Low Hums
Johnny Sonic

Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 Southside Social and Barn Dance--changes and new information!

The Southside Social and Barn Dance is set for 

July 15th-17th, 2016.  

We love this event, which began as a way for our friends and family to get together for an evening of shared food, fun, and music.  It has grown quite a bit over the years and we've had many amazing experiences.

Last year we found ourselves saddled with a group of jerks.  And a few solitary ones.  Their behavior affected many of us, particularly our residents.  It was disheartening to say the least.  We wish to spread the word that we are making a few changes this year in hopes of reducing the risk of jerks and bad behavior.  If you've caused trouble in the past, you'll be turned away at the gate. If we don't know you, and none of our good friends know you, you'll likely be turned away.  If you have bad behavior, you will have to leave the property.

We're also making more fun for our friends and family. We're planning to bring back some fun workshops, there will be a kids art project, we're doing additional lighting installations, and more.  We are scaling down on the beverages a bit, but will happily share with our family and friends.  If you want to help with anything-parking, kids area monitoring/special activities, security, workshops, pre or post fair work,etc. please let us know! We love help!

All of this means that the rest of us will have so much more fun without jerks! We love the Social and we love the wonderful folks who've helped us create great memories over the years.  We'll post more info and the lineup soon!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Southside Social and Barn Dance!

Hello Friends and Family!  We are happy to host another Southside Social and Barn Dance and looking forward to an exciting weekend!  Please read this entire post. We know it is long...but VERY IMPORTANT!  You'll want to read through the whole thing because otherwise you won't know about the CONTEST!

We have a few spots that we'll fill in--have some acts booked but confirming the spelling of the names! Things may move around slightly, but we'll continue to update here.  We have many exciting acts to entertain and inspire:


615 Brent Offerings
715 Lumps of Humanity
815 Hoe and Harrow
915 Mean Street Meanie
1015 Barefeet
1130  Glitter Lyfe Karaoke

12-245 Open Mic
245 Pollen Nation
345 Ellie Fog
445    tba
545 Dinner Theater Featuring
Finney Farm Cirque de l'enfant
Violet Goforth
Talent/ Gong show
715   tba
815   Spider Ferns
915   Anarchists’ Union
945   White Trash Compactor
1045   Jesus Chords
Dance Parteee!

Last year, we had lower attendance due to inclement weather.  While we still had a whoppin' good time, we didn't exactly manage to cover expenses as we have in previous years and found ourselves short to the tune of nearly $500.  For those who may be new to the Social, we do not charge an entrance fee nor do we require guests to pay for homebrew or hard cider beverages.  It costs around $1800 out of pocket to host the Social, and we normally manage to bring in just enough to cover those expenses by selling event t-shirts and yummy food and of course MANY people contribute donations.  We are a wee bit nervous about making ends meet after last year, but would appreciate if you'd plan to contribute by purchasing a t-shirt etc.

Onto the vital details:

Yes!: Carpooling, camping, families, volunteers, community, fun.

No!: DOGS! campfires, underage drinking, or jerks.

Seriously, we do not allow dogs so don't even ask.  Even if you're our friend. Even if we like your dog.  We also don't allow underage drinking. Even if you're our friend. Even if you're more interesting when you're drunk.

One thing that we've always loved about the Social is the diverse group of folks in attendance.
  Last year we had more families and kids, which we thought was great.  Please help us include everyone by creating a family friendly environment during the day--we'll do it up proper when the kiddos are asleep!

The ideal Socialite arrives in the late afternoon on Friday, having carpooled with many friends.  They've all left their dogs with sitters, and are ready for a whole weekend of fun.  The Socialite pleasantly chats with the gate crew, buying t-shirts and dropping a little extra in the donation jar.  Finding a campsite, the Socialite politely refrains from sprawling and takes only the amount of camping and parking space they need.  Our Socialite spends time with old and new friends, visiting the concessions for a latte and a crepe.  She/he is considerate of children and refrains from adult shenanigans until the sun goes down.  Of legal drinking age, the Socialite enjoys our homebrew beer and drinks just enough for fun and not enough for trouble.  She/he gathers in front of the barn to support our amazing performers and loves to dance.   On Sunday morning, our Socialite helps by doing a little cleaning before packing their car and heading out.  Be an ideal Socialite!

Want to help the Social?  We are looking for the following help or supplies.  Some of these supplies are normally rented...if we are able to get them on loan, we are able to decrease our costs and increase the likelihood that our dedicated performers may receive a small stipend to help with fuel and other costs.

·         Professional quality PA, speakers, snake, cords, etc.  Please text 360-333-7312 if you might have something or would like a specific list of our needs.

·         Female performers-we can generally find indie folksingers and old-timey singers...but we would love to have more women on stage.  Any rappers?  ACDC cover bands? Comedians?

·         Ambient Art-we would love more artistic lighting installations and would really love a lightshow on the barn.

·         Workshops-we used to offer workshops during the day, but as the event grew we became too busy to teach!  We'd love to find a few workshops for Saturday-yoga in the morning, plant walk in the early afternoon?  How about someone to lead a serious game of croquet?  We are also looking for some help with face painting.

Some folks really create an amazing little camp space for themselves--and we'd love to see more of this!  Battery powered LED lighting is cheap and easy to find...pinterest has all manner of awesome camping and festival decor ideas.  We're generally trying to avoid things like glow sticks (toxic), strobe lights (some folks have medical conditions triggered by these), and recorded music at camp...but art, cool lighting...we'd love to see more!

And finally...on Saturday evening, we will have a costume contest!  We'll have several awards including Best In Show, Most Creative etc.  You do not have to wear the costume all day and evening-check in at the Holy Crepe booth for details.  And win a prize!